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We keep numbers very small for our Dog Obedience Training and Board & Train Programs to give each dog the time and attention that they need. We know how important and time-sensitive dog issues can be, and how they can affect your life and balance, and we want to give you back your life and balance as soon as possible!

Are you still curious about what training with Meredith at Let’s Go! K9 Training is like for you and your dog? Visit our Facebook Page by clicking HERE!

Meredith is amazing! My French bulldog, Mia needed help with calming down and relaxing. She did awesome work with her and she is a totally different dog. You just have to keep up with working with them after otherwise they will go back to there old ways. She’s very informative and so very helpful! And she works with a local animal rescue and helps with training the ones who need help with manors so they can get a great chance at getting a home!

Paige C.

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