Specializing in dog board and train programs, we problem solve creating the best relationship possible based on each family’s priorities. All the while focusing on the best ways to fulfill your dogs needs. Our training focuses on creating calmness, which allows dogs to relieve many anxious or aggressive tendencies. This also allows dogs the joy of relaxation in the many real-world scenarios they face being a part of human pack. Many dogs struggle unnecessarily with high levels of stress and adrenaline. So, we work hard to create calm canines, enabling them to be as involved in our lives as possible. We do not believe in punishment, therefore, our methods instruct and correct the bad behavior instead of punishing the dog.


The walk is one of the most important parts to our training program. This builds a foundation that will help you utilize your leadership skills in all aspects of your relationship. This type of bond will build confidence in each other, allowing you to exist together harmoniously. If you have issues with your dog (barking, lunging, counter surfing, resource guarding), or if you can’t take your dog for a walk because of reactive behavior, we can help you see dramatic results on the first visit.


We use Mini Educator Remote Collars, and specialize in low level remote collar training. Remote collars are the most gentle and non-invasive physical tool that can be used for dog training. The levels for most dogs work on are lower than most humans can feel. We start dogs on prong collars and do foundation work first and then we transition to a e-collar. Remote collar training used properly will help you take your relationship with your dog to the next level.



 Remote collars can be highly misunderstood, and often referred to as “shock collars.” With today’s technology, the remote collar has come a long way from initially being high adversive and we are not using the collars to shock dogs, but rather teaching them to turn a low level of pressure off in low level distraction environments working our way up to bigger distractions.

Remote e-collar training is the best and most simple communication device to teach skills to your dog. So whether you do Board N’ Train or private training sessions, remote e-collar training makes communication just as meaningful and believable for all handlers (your partner, spouse, children, relatives) in the dog’s home. You can be just as meaningful to your dog as your dog trainer.


In our dog board and train programs and one-to-one training, we use Herm Sprenger prong collars. When used properly, they’re one of the most GENTLE and efficient methods of communication when working with dogs. When you apply pressure with the collar, it communicates to gets the dog’s attention in a clear and immediate way, allowing consistent communication. Ranging in issues from anxiety, aggression, leash reactivity, jumping, pulling, etc., the prong collar is an excellent tool. We will show you how to put it on and fit properly, and how to use it both as a walking and training tool. 



Check out our programs to find the best option for you and your dog!


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