Am I the right trainer for you? Are you the right client for me?

In order to be successful at transforming your dogs behavior, it is important for you to be familiar with my philosophy and the training techniques I use. I make information readily available to all my clients (and non-clients) on my website and facebook page. I want you to be comfortable with me and my training tools, and just as excited to train with the dogs as I am.

Here are some qualities in a client that I feel are absolutely necessary for success:

  • I want you to recognize that there’s a problem. You’re not the problem, but there is a problem. Something you’re doing is contributing to that problem, and you’re going to have to make some changes if you want to get different results.


  •  I need you to be 100% comfortable with my training techniques. You should be open to a balanced training approach. Yes, we will use praise but we will also correct bad behavior. Which brings me to my next point…


  • With a lot of my clients I tell them to put a 30 to 60 day hold on over-praise. That doesn’t mean you can never praise your dog, but I’m talking about over praising your dog. It’s not working. If giving your dog verbal praise, physical praise and food praise was working, you wouldn’t be hiring me. There’s plenty of time for praise and to me, the best reward is inclusion.


  • I need you to follow up with 100% of my training program. I’ve got a system of training that works and a philosophy of training that works. I’m looking for people that are going to take my advice, my techniques, my tools and run with it.


  • I’m looking for clients that are going to follow through with their weekly homework. The concept that we’re going to do this an hour a week and you’re going to get results, is not going to work.


  • I need the whole family on board with everything. Dogs are influenced by everyone around them so I need everybody to be on board with everything…my tools, my techniques, my philosophy, the exercise, the household management.


  • I want to make sure that you’re going to follow through with my household management program. This can be a tricky one for people. The dog might have to get off of the bed, the dog might have to get off the furniture, you might have to start crating your dog at night, there’s a reason that I’m going to make these suggestions. I want your dog to be happy and fulfilled while cohabiting with your family.


  • Just like people, dogs need daily exercise. I need all of my clients to commit to a daily exercise routine. That doesn’t mean just letting your dog in the back yard. That means structured walks and possibly treadmill work. Exercise is key to the success of my training.


  • To me, dog training is not a series of commands rewarded by a treat. Dog training is a lifestyle, rewarded by inclusion in our lives. I want the whole family to benefit from our experience together–I want a successful and balanced pack of humans and dogs living peacefully and happy together.  If you are willing to take this journey, we can make that happen!
Should I book private lessons, or a Board and Train?

The success of dog training and behavior modification is repetition, consistency, and application!  Deciding if your dog would benefit from private lessons or a board and train comes down to two main factors: your dog’s behavioral issues and/or the lifestyle and availability of your family. 

Board and train programs:  are incredible for achieving outstanding obedience, behavior modification, and solid results with your dog in a short period of a few weeks.  During your dog’s stay I work with your dog multiple times per day, teaching basic obedience, off-leash e-collar training, socialization with other dogs/people/animals, and in some cases behavior modification.  We work with your dog around distractions (other dogs, public places, and new people) which is a huge part of the “real world success” of this program. Your dog’s behavior, obedience, and improvement is my top priority everyday!  When your dog goes home, they will have their obedience training foundation and a new, calm, tuned in, obedient, and more polite state of mind–as an owner, you just have to apply the training and follow through (they already know their stuff, you just keep up with it! I supply you with thorough after training protocols and am always available to you with any questions).   Severe behavior modification cases are strictly board and train; if you have questions about this, please feel free to contact me!

Private Lesson programs: are an opportunity for you and your dog to learn together at the same time! Once a week we work together for an 1-1 1/2 hours on your training needs.  After our lessons you will teach, proof, and apply the things we’ve covered with your dog during the week.  The success of your dog’s training lies in your ability to practice training, setting boundaries, and following the rules I give you multiple times daily.  Ultimately you have the opportunity to have a well behaved and balanced dog with great obedience in a matter of 4-8 weeks as long as you put in the work!  The more time and challenges you dedicate to your dog’s training, the better your results will be!  Remember, it’s your effort that makes or breaks your dog’s success.  Because many people work full time jobs, long hours, and have very busy lifestyles that don’t lend themselves to dog training an hour or so per day, the Board and Train becomes a great (and highly recommended) option.  That said, if you’re willing to put in the work and have the time, private lessons may be right for you!

The most important thing is that we match you with the program that fits best for your dog and your family!

Do you use food in your training?

My training system is reward based through daily activities, gentle praise, and building a working relationship together.  I will use food in the early stages of training with dogs as a great reward and motivator, but it is not what I want the training relationship based upon.  Your dog should listen to you–treat or not!  I want a dog to respond to its handler because it respects and understands what is being asked, not because it is being bribed by food.  Let’s Go K9 takes a balanced approach to dog training by creating CALM dogs with a relaxed state-of-mind.  We do that through leadership, duration work, lots of repetition/practice, and calm-consistent commands/expectations.  Often with strictly food-based training, when the snack isn’t present, the dog doesn’t listen.  Our goal is for dogs to understand inside and out what the owner is asking of it, so that they can trust their dog to do what they are told–and the dog can trust their owner to be consistent in what they are saying.  Can their hard work pay-off with a food reward?  Absolutely!

What tools do you use?

I use a wide range of tools when it comes to training dogs, because there is no “one-size fits all” approach to dog training.  Some tools that I use include: prong collars, slip leads, e-collars, the Pet Convincer (compressed air for interrupting behavior), treats, my dogs (and cat!), long-lines, bark collars, and toys/food motivators.  The goal of this training is to achieve the result of a calm, relaxed, tuned-in, confident, happy, and obedient dog!  Together we will use a variety of techniques and approaches to get there!

Can you tell me about prong collars? Do you use them on small dogs, too?

Yes and yes!  Prong collars are excellent tools of communication to our dogs.  I use them because it allows you to use very little force to communicate to your dog on-leash, much less than many other training tools available.  Most tools tend to only mask or manage the behavior, while the prong collar allows us to actually break through and effortlessly communicate, creating a vastly different state of mind and a highly responsive dog.  It sits much higher on the neck, where you have more control of the dog, and there is no pressure on the dog’s trachea.  Dogs of all situations can benefit from prong collar training–even nervous or fearful dogs, because the clarity of the communication is so gentle.  They come in a variety of sizes and work for all dogs, 5lbs to over 200lbs!  While prong collars tend to look horrible, when used correctly, they have been proven to be the least physically taxing, most humane, and one of the safest tools available to work with your dog and are valuable option to have in your dog training tool-box.

Will the E-Collar shock my dog?

No.  We are very fortunate to be in a day and of age of new technology. Modern e-collar training is nothing like it was in the past. We use top-of-the-line  Educator remote collar systems that have over 100+ levels.  This enables us to really fine tune our program so that each dog is using the lowest level possible for communication.  Can this tool be misused? Of course. Any tool can be misused.  However, our training system uses this tool in the most gentle and humane way possible.  E-collar training opens up a new line of communication and trust with your dog. 

My dog is fearful and nervous--I shouldn't use the E-Collar with him, right?

Actually, modern E-Collar training is the best training for dogs with these types of issues. Our E-Collar training system is designed to create more confident, relaxed, and comfortable dogs. 

My dog is uncontrollable on the walk – pulling, lunging, barking, growling – can you fix this?

I consistently get fantastic results with all levels of issues, from mild pulling and disobedience, to severe dog aggression reactivity. For some of our results, please take a look at our Videos page HERE.

What happens if I don't get the results I want from the training? Is there a guarantee?

Due to the many variables involved to create a well-behaved, balanced dog, including owner commitment, consistency, and follow-through, it would be unethical for us to offer a 100% guarantee. However, we only choose the most dedicated and diligent owners so, in our experience, no matter how severe the issues, we consistently see breakthrough results and amazing transformations. We have never come across a dog we could not help. We work hand in hand as a team in your dog’s rehabilitation. This process of teamwork and collaboration begins before we even meet your dog, moves through the training process, and continues long after your dog has gone home. Once you hire us, we consider you part of the Let’s Go K9 family, and your success is our utmost priority.


Have you made the time to check out our free dog training videos? 

You really are amazing Meredith! Every dog you work with is proof of it. Everyone that meets Cezar is blown away with how well behaved he is thanks to you. I highly recommend her.

Holly W.


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